Hello, we’re at the day 11 of the Headstart Program.

Tarun has always had a hard time communicating, and today he couldn’t even answer the questions I asked him while trying to explain a problem. I asked him to go up to the front of the class and talk about his favourite person. It took a little bit of encouragement and he showed that he had the courage to speak a few lines.

Then I asked the rest of the class what they wanted to become when they grew up. I heard them shout out cricketer, teacher, pilot. Since Tarun said pilot, I told the class about the defence force of our country and what he could do to become a pilot in the Indian air force.

For Monday, I gave the class homework to speak 5 lines about why they want to be what they want to become when they grow up.

Later, I saw Nitin and Tarun work together. I am sure I can motivate them to do better.

I spend some time towards the end of the class helping Tarun with English comprehension. I am sad when I say this- but some kids from state syllabus schools lack real motivation.

Aarti came up to me and told me she finds the learning useful not only for her next class but also for her scholarship exam.

Two new students have joined the ICSE batch. Their names are Sharath and Arvind and I am excited that they are in high school. Why? Because it means I spend less time teaching them basics.

Sharath likes following instructions. I had to spend some time and ask him if he had valid doubts.

Arvind is a little mysterious. He seems to understand concepts when spoon fed… I guess he is very used to it. It will take him time to realize he has to do things on his own.

Swapnil has been struggling using the tab for some time now, he finds it hard to move a protractor and two arms in the tab and understanding the flow of questions.

Ashwin and Kiran were not studying together as they usually do, but I did notice they has some sort of study competition going on.

Varun was not at his best, but did much better than yesterday. He completed 75% of his two chapter test and voluntarily asked for homework.

That’s it for today! See you all tomorrow, let’s see how the students do with their homework.