Establishing yourself as a tutor

The journey to be a well established tutor depends on various elements. Almost like making sure the seed is planted at the right place and time. It’s essential to get these elements right. But for most the journey starts the same.

The seed is sown

You’ve got the idea to be a tuition teacher. It makes sense- just a few hours in a day, extra income, and you get to teach the subject that has always interested you.


You begin to look at the current syllabus. It’s been a while since you were in school- you wonder what students are studying these days. You decide which subjects and grades you would like to teach.


You start telling your neighbours and friends about your venture. Asking them to spread the word and recommend you to parents. You may even market in different ways like putting up posts on your social media and groups. You may list yourself as a service online and partner with a service like us, Vidyanext.


You may begin to get your first students. Parents will call to inquire and find out about you. For some it may take time to establish yourself as a tutor. It could be a slower journey. Student may not sign up. This could be for many reasons; from marketing to parent expectations. Sometimes, it could be just tough luck.

Standing tall

The journey to be a well established tutor depends on various elements. It is essential to get it right. Parents can find you through two ways- 1) word of mouth 2) ads/ online listing …What is the first person they come across when they search for tuitions around their area?

When see you online or meet you, it’s down to the first impression. Parents trust tutors with good knowledge and presentation. They want to know if they can trust you with their child.

You may start with one student, but through time you will grow to multiple students and perhaps multiple batches.

What do you think is the most important thing that makes parents choose a tutor for their child? Tell us in the comments below