Hello Readers! It’s Sreelakshmi reporting week 2 of the Headstart Program on a warm Wednesday in Bengaluru.

Today I taught the class distributive property hoping it would help them do multiplication better. Instead of sitting in the classroom, I told them they could use other parts of the house like the garden or balcony to study. Now, if you don’t know it, the Vidyanext HQ is located in a lovely lane in Sanjaynagar. It is quiet and full of magnificent flowering trees that are in full bloom in the summer. There are lovely birds that chirp in the morning and evening on these tree too. As you can imagine- studying in the balcony or garden is an idyllic setting. The effect was evident. The students were lively the whole day!

I had a new student “Aarti” come in today. I spent time getting to know her and learnt that she held 2nd rank in her class. Aarti is smart and hardworking. I told her the goal of the class and asked her to choose a chapter just as the others did. She chose “Symmetry”.

Abhay if you remember is very naughty and happy to distract himself as well as others. But today I saw a nice change – he was studying and doing quite well. I believe he can do even better if we push him to do a little more hard work.

I sat down with Swapnil, who has been very fidgety in the past classes, and explained the goal of the program again to him. It had an immediate effect, he was diligent and studied hard through the class. I saw him struggling with concepts, but he persevered and didn’t allow himself to get distracted.

Varun had been struggling for days with ‘Ratio and Proportion’. I spent a long time helping him understand the concept. I think the real problem is lack of interest.

Ashwin and Kiran, as usual were doing great on their own. I only have to make a small check to ensure they are on the right track.

Swapnil took his chapter test today, at first he scored 43%, then he scored 71% and it gradually increased to 100% after several attempts and practice.

That’s all for today. Tomorrow everyone should wrap up with their first chapters and move on to the next.