If you had a chance to see a bird’s eye view of what you learn in school, you’d realise that almost all lessons are linked to one and other. For e.g. – would you be able to do algebra if you did not understand fractions? Would you really grasp Newton’s Law of Motion if you did not understand force?

source: www.khanacademy.com

Imagine trying to get to the top with steps missing in the staircase.

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Driving to your destination with a flat tyre

ICSE Tuition in BangaloreIt would be difficult and time consuming to progress ahead. This is exactly how learning is. Experts have always seen links between school achievements and self esteem. If your child feels stuck or unable to understand a concept, their confidence will drop and they will not perform well. This leads to a vicious cycle. Students start saying that they ‘hate math’ or ‘hate science’.

How can we fix this problem effectively?

Smart Diagnosis

VAssess is a series of expert-designed tests that instantly checks where your child stands academically. All you need to do is let your child to spend 20 minutes on your smart phone or computer to expose learning gaps they have carried for 3 years or more!  Each test is customised to class and syllabus. It gives an instant, detailed report so you can make strong decisions for your child’s future. The report pin points areas that need to be strengthened or relearned in order to progress.

Quick Remedy

In addition to the diagnosis, the VAssess report also gives advice on how to remedy your child’s weak areas. Don’t waste time relearning everything. Strengthen concepts that affect your future learning. The academic year may be over but it’s never too late to get on track.

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Break the cycle of low scores

With time now saved, don’t just remedy what needs attention but prepare for the upcoming academic year. Your child could spend time strengthening their base for future math or science concepts. This way they can score even better marks! Trained tutors can assist you with remediation plans.

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What are you waiting for?

Your child needs about 20-30 minutes of free time and an internet connection. We give you the report instantly.

Each subject has three levels of questions. Please ensure that your child takes all three levels so we can give you a clear report.

If you need help, we will be happy to assist you. Please feel free to call 080 67191900 or email us.