Hello there! Today I am going to give you a quick update on how everyone is progressing.

As you know I have employed a new reward strategy with the students. To recap, the strategy has two parts to it. One involves rating the child out of five stars for each learning time block given to them e.g. how she performed in 20 min of math practice. The second part is awarding instant points for good or bad behavior e.g. positives for queuing their doubts and negatives for not waiting for your turn and asking doubts in between a session.

We have two new girls who have joined – Nishta and Huda. Huda has a school assessment coming up for math. So she began working on that. She is quick and specific with her doubts. She scored mostly 5 stars.

It was test day for Nishtha, Varun and Kiran. Nishtha did well. Varun did not perform so well and will need to do a retest. Kiran did alright, but I think he is overconfident about his scores. He could have done a lot better.

Ashwin has been skipping classes. I made a mental note to find out why.

Arvind was given multiple 5 minute blocks to complete 4 questions back to back. He is doing much better, but I still need to push him. I gave him only 4 stars because he exceeds the time limit. I think with more such time boxing, we can crack his problem of speed.

That’s all for today. Will keep you posted with the reward strategy progress in the upcoming blogs. For now, I urge you to check out the Vidyanext Reward Store. This is Chandini S signing off.