Tutor FAQs

If you are an existing Vidyanext Certified Tutor, this is for you.

  • What happens to the students who currently come to me from Vidyanext?

    You can continue to teach those students. You are free to set the tuition fee amount. Vidyanext expects no fee in return.

  • Can I use the Teach and Learn App?

    Yes. You can use the Teach App and Learn App for Free!You can also add students on the Tutor App. Parents shall get an SMS to download the Learn app.

  • Can I continue to use Vidyanext's Teach and Learn Apps with my students to teach them?

    Of course! You will be able to add as many students as you like. The app is completely FREE for you and your students!

  • Will Vidyanext help me find students for my tuitions?

    No. We shall not approach parents on your behalf.

  • Will Vidyanext continue to collect payments from parents on my behalf?

    No. Unfortunately, Vidyanext will not interact with parents on your behalf. You are free to set and collect fees from parents directly.

  • Will I have to pay a part of my tuition income to Vidyanext if I want to continue using the Teach and Learn Apps?

    No, we expect no payment. Our Teach and Learn apps for free for you!

  • Will Vidyanext help me by providing phone/email/chat support in relation to usage of Teach or Learn Apps?

    We shall continue to provide chat support till 1st July. You can always end us an email on want2b@vidyanext.com. We shall revert to you within 3 working days.

  • I'm a certified Vidyanext tutor. Will my name be listed on the Vidyanext website?

    Vidyanext is stopping the listing service. From this academic year, parents won't be able to find tutors on our website.

If you are interested in growing your association with Vidyanext, read on!

  • What is Vidyanext going to do next?

    Vidyanext is going to create more awesome tools to help tutors track student progress, manage classes, collect fees, etc. We are building a tutor community to help tutors learn from each other. We are focusing a lot of energy into our Innovation Labs to test new ideas and tools in tuitions.

  • How can I be involved with Vidyanext?

    You can start by using our apps: Teach App and Learn App OR Joining our tutor community on Slack: OR Applying to the Innovation Labs by dropping an email at want2b@vidyanext.com

  • What is Innovation Labs? Why should I join?

    Innovation Labs is a Vidyanext initiative where you help us understand your challenges suggest solutions. With help of about a dozen tutors like you, we are exploring solutions to student behaviour and math learning in tuitions. If you like to experiment and want to be at the forefront of change, join us at Innovation Labs at want2b@vidyanext.com!

  • What is the Tutor Community? Why should I join?
    The Tutor Community is the first of its kind effort in India to bring tutors on a common platform to help them stay connected with the latest in edtech. In this community, tutors share their problems, discuss possible solutions, talk about their joys and frustrations and find new friends. If you'd like to be a part of this community, join us here.
  • Do I have to pay to join Innovation Labs?

    Selection criteria: You are experimental, enthusiastic about increasing the efficiency of the students and honest feedback on the strategies applied.

  • Do I have to pay to join the Tutor Community?

    No. We just need your participation to share your knowledge with other tutors.

  • Will I get paid if I join Innovation Labs?


  • Will I get paid if I join Tutor Community?


  • I have some queries, how do I get in touch?

    Get in touch with us at 7022877094 OR Email us at want2b@vidyanext.com