Hello there- I have some exciting progress to report about Day 5 of the Headstart Program.

Please read the previous posts to understand more about the program and the teaching/learning experiments we are conducting.

Two days ago I introduced the children to videos on Khan Academy. I set up the students to self-learn based on the chapters they had chosen. I observed that while the ICSE students found it easier or navigate Khan Academy (from prior use in school), the CBSE students took a while to understand the site map.

Today I am happy to see everyone more comfortable with logging in and learning by themselves. They are even answering questions from the self-assess videos!

The best part is that, I can track the progress they are making on Khan Academy.

Though the students started slow, the learning had caught up and is really fast! This makes me feel very positive about the outcomes.

Whenever they have a doubt, I encourage them to understand it by assigning similar content from the chapter they are studying. This way they are finding the answers on their own, ensuring learning is deep and long lasting.

Ashwin and Kiran here completely hands-on; they learned everything on their own and even worked out the textbook practice questions. Varun was learning by himself as well, despite asking me to clear a few doubts, he completed learning the chapter successfully. I noticed Swapnil repeatedly watching the same video as he couldn’t grasp the concept, so I stepped in and explained the concept to him and asked him to take the practice test.

Since the students were rather independent today, I had time to give Tarun personal attention. Tarun was having trouble catching up with the rest because of a language barrier. We spent 30 minutes reading a passage in English. Tomorrow, I have asked him to get a few story books.

That’s all for today, see you tomorrow!

Learnings: When students have a doubt, encourage them to resolve it on their own – aid them with more resources that will break down the concept and help them learn. Always watch out for struggles and hurdles, be mindful of what degree to step in… often the student is capable of resolving it on their own.