Hello everyone! I’m Chandni. I have been working with Tutor Sreelakshami since the past week and will be taking over tutoring students here at Vidyanext HQ.

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I started tutoring accidently a decade ago when my 10th class tutor asked me to help him. He didn’t have a math tutor and I was happy to step up. After a year, I left the centre but a few students followed me and I began tutoring in all subjects. I continued teaching there 13 students for 7 years. Later, a fellow science affectionado and I teamed up to set up a company dealing with science shows, I even spend a few years teaching hands-on science in a school. My path had led me to partner with Vidyanext as I identify with their mission and values.

I’m excited to tell you about how today’s tuition came along. In the morning, I opened the door to see smiling student faces. They were ready and waiting for me. No, I was not late! They were early to make sure they get points for punctuality. You see, we had set a goal on ClassDojo. The students have to display positive behaviour to earn points. These points will earn the class a reward. And in this case- it was an ice cream treat. If you ever doubted if your tuition class full of students from different grades could work as a team- I suggest you try this way.

With a huge smile on my face, I carried on the day.

Even though Nishant is just a day old here, he is as enthusiastic about ClassDojo as rest of them are. He reminded me about his account and yesterday’s points.

Today’s agenda was to set-up our goals that can be completed within a week. Everybody said they would complete two chapters of their choice. I encouraged them to increase their goal to two and half chapters plus assignments. Also, I put in a bonus offer of five points for those who finish three complete chapters. A deal was struck. They were all set to finish three chapters.

They geared up their tablets used for a brief introduction video before starting their chapters. I noticed that Varun was struggling with ‘Animal classification’ because of new terms. So, I took him through it and then made him watch a video regarding the same. Immediately, he was back on track.

Kiran was on overdrive, he was racing to complete his work as he had to leave early today. Arvind took charge and bravely chose a tough chapter of math to start working on. I am very proud of him. Arvind made sure he sat next to me so that I am available for his doubts in his vicinity.

Sharath and Nishant were amazing self-learners today and completed their assigned work before time. Nishant was waiting for our ‘conference’ as he wanted to share his knowledge about the ‘Big Bang theory’ that was given to him as homework. He explained it so well that rest of them started clapping for him in the end. But, I was clapping for everyone- Nishant, for his effort; others, for their spontaneous appreciation for him.

I am happy to see the values grow along with budding curiosity. We ended our session with distribution of points and goodbyes for the day.