Hello all – today is the last day of the Headstart Program. Five weeks ago we embarked on this journey in the hope of covering 5 difficult chapters in Math and Science before the school year began.

The kids jumped right in aiming to complete as much as they could. The weekly goal was to complete 3 chapters for a bonus 5 points. Can you believe that they even studied at home in attempt to finish all three?

Since some of the students have issues with concentration or confidence or are just shy to ask doubts, we decided to work on this today.  I gave them ‘behavior related tasks’. Ashwin who has a short attention span was given a task. He did complete it but still requires more effort to concentrate on his work. The good news is that Ashwin had completed his 3 chapters in time.

Arvind was given a task to help build his confidence. He asked lots of questions about it which was detrimental. I wanted him to do it without questioning further.  Arvind completed 1 and a half chapter.

Sharath had to watch few videos to get clarity on what he was studying, but in the end he completed his chapter goals. Varun too watched many videos but could only complete 2/3 chapters at the end.

Nishant couldn’t attend today, so only 3 out of the five students got the 5 point bonus. The team is still 20 points behind for their ice cream treat. I told them not to worry and to catch up when we start their regular tuition classes. We will soon celebrate our victories.

I am proud to tell you the students completed an average of 6 math chapters and 4 science chapters in the last 5 weeks. Their goal was to complete 5 in math and science respectively. I have to say that they have done quite well.

Until our next initiative, good bye from me – Chandni S and Vidyanext!