Hello, my readers! This is Pradeep P reporting from Vidyanext HQ. I’ve taught English and Math in a government school for two years as part of the Teach for India fellowship using technology. Continuing that journey here at Vidyanext. I believe technology be a great buddy/aid for a tutor/teacher.

Given my belief that technology and learning goes hand in hand, I wanted to try something new in today’s class. I belief, making mistakes is not bad but what makes it worth is when you analyze it and work upon it and learn from it. We all know that self-analysis and regulation is a practice that if incorporated helps us to improve ourselves. So, I have tried ‘Confidence rating’ in few of my classes. And, I tried it today as well. Let me tell you how the class was today.

Varun was 15 minutes late and started with a shooting game. My bad, I did not pre-empt and set a task for him. I am new to ‘ChoreMonster’. When he showed me his homework on Estimation to nearest tens, hundreds and thousands, I found that he was unable to understand when the question was to ‘Estimate nearest hundreds’ and when the numbers had zeros in between.

I think most sixth graders get stuck with such problem. Estimation is tough, when you are not sure of the place values. Varun and I did a ten-minute crash course on how to identify the nearest estimate. I, then made a set of problems that tested him only on estimation. Varun was racing away.

After he was done with the test, I asked him to predict how much he will score in this test. He was prompt to reply ‘Anna 100 % ‘. I probed him more if he was sure, or else it will cost him points acquired for the day. He revised his estimate to 14/16. And guess what? That’s exactly how much he scored.

As I write about my day, I’m thinking of Arvind who has been away since a week. I think, I will call his mother to check if he is doing OK. Ciao!