It’s the middle of week 2 of the Headstart program. I hope you have not missed a single update from the last week and a half. I’d suggest you go through the blog list and catch up to understand how the class has progressed and the methods used to tackle issues like lack of interest, distractions, and blocks in understanding concepts.

Today I saw the students more relaxed, this is probably because they completed their first chapter. I can’t help but stress that this was done through autonomy and self-study, which means that not only did they chose the chapter they wanted to study themselves, but they also learned it all by themselves! Yes, they did have doubts and some of them required my help to complete it, but more than 80% of the work was done by the students. I’m sure they are feeling a great sense of achievement… I know I am J.

Yesterday we had a new student ‘Aarti’ join. I see no trouble with her catching up; she is both involved in the class and during activities. She even scored full marks in all her Khan Academy tests.

Rajesh was kind to help Aarti navigate through Khan Academy. But he did it as the cost of completing his chapter quickly. Rajesh whiled away the rest of his time playing with Abhay.

Speaking about Abhay- he is still his distracting self. He is very playful and has a bad habit of speaking loudly. I fear this may disturb others. I wish I could reign him in a bit but not make him feel like I am controlling him. It’s important for him to feel at ease because I see so much potential in him. I need to scheme to keep Abhay close to his books.

I think Prem caught an Abhay-bug as he was unusually distracted today.

Tarun and Sachin are getting so much better with understanding math. This is a big leap from how they were in the first week. I was glad to see this progress but a bit upset when I realised they were sneakily using the study tablets to listen to music.

Swapnil was struggling with the question pattern on Khan Academy. This is because he lacks understanding of basic concepts like Place Value and multiplication tables. He needs extra care and attention. This is very important and I need to step in at this point to help him catch up by working on his foundation.

Ashwin is quite fast to grasp a subject and finish respective tests. Also, I have to appreciate Kiran’s dedication to learn today despite all the distractions.

Learnings: Students sometimes may lack understanding of basic concepts. This is detrimental when learning a new topic that’s dependent on these concepts. This is when teacher intervention is required completely.