Hello there. This is Chandini S reporting from Vidyanext HQ.

Today there seemed to be a dull air in class.

Kiran was unwell and couldn’t focus on his reading, so I sent him home, though he resisted a lot.

Varun took a test in the beginning of the class. I was upset seeing his results. I think he picked up on that and spent the rest of the day trying to make it up to me. He paid attention throughout and tried finishing his task on time.

Just like yesterday, I tried the time blocking technique with Arvind again. I gave him 4 blocks of 5 minutes each to complete 4 questions from Rational Numbers. He is struggling with the chapter only because he makes silly mistakes with the calculations. But otherwise he is on task.

We ended the day with our usual conference (where we discuss interesting things not limited to our syllabus). The hot topic today was plasma. We watched a video and found out that it is the fourth state of matter. All the students had a wide eyed look of surprise- I realized that their curious questions have allowed us to think beyond our books. I am happy to see them learn more.

Finally, I tackled the dull air that was in the room. It seems that their sudden lack of enthusiasm was because they felt too far away from their rewards.

So, I decided I need to boost their confidence and talk about how well they are doing. Maybe tomorrow I’ll start a countdown showing how many days are remaining for them to get their rewards.