Have you heard about the Vidyanext Learning System™ ? With a unique, personalized learning approach, Vidyanext uses Tutors + Tech to deliver better results for students between grades 4th and 11th.

Unlike other private tuition apps in the market, all Vidyanext content is available online AND offline, and the learning system includes an in person tutor to explain and elaborate on the rich multimedia videos, worksheets, quizzes, chapter tests and revision notes.

In addition, the concept of submissions — photos of completed work that a student takes, using the camera on their tab — simplifies organization so students can spend their study time more efficiently.

Spaced repetition, a scientifically proven memorization technique, helps the student retain more information over a period of time. And, keeping in mind our vision that all students should be Disciplined, Engaged, Motivated Learners, the system, through the ‘Vbot’ avatar, encourages and coaches the student to help them structure their learning more effectively.

Today, I’m excited to share some information about our latest release. We’ve been listening to your feedback, and have a host of features that will better your experience with the Vidyanext Learning System™.

Highlights of this release include:

  • Improved Notifications
  • Better Download Experience
  • Better Submissions
  • Chat Improvements

Better Downloads

We know downloads have been a problem. From poor internet to slow tablets, there’s a host of reasons, so it will be a focus for a number of releases to come.

Today, we hope this new way of downloading improves your experience — by downloading directly from your  tutor’s tablet.

Here’s how it works. When students download a new chapter, they select “Download from your tutor” and then scan the QR Code. It’s important that both tabs are connected to the same wifi, and are on the latest version of the Application (remember, you can download updates from Google Play!)

Here’s the detailed steps, with some screenshots:


Another important note: make sure you have the chapter in question downloaded on your tab (by opening it in the Teach app and viewing the content) before your student tries to download!

  1. After verifying the content is on the tab,  the Menu on the top left corner of the screen, and scroll to SettingsClick on setting_Menu_Teach app
  2. Tap Settings to view the QR code on the right pane.

QR code_Teach app_Pic2

Note:Students will scan this code to download the chapter.

Steps for Students

  1. Tap Librarytab.Tap Library_student app_Pic 3
  2. Tap the Download icon next to the chapter you want to download. This displays a dialog box with three options: – Online (Download from our server) – Download form your Tutor (QR Code)- Cancel

Tap Download_ Pic4

3. Tap Download from your Tutor (QR Code).This opens the camera scanner. Scan the QR code and you are good to go!

While it will be much faster than downloading from the internet, times can vary depending on chapter size. It may take up to 10min for larger chapters with a lot of videos!

Let us know how this features is working for you at support@vidyanext.com!

Missed Messages Notifications

For both tutors and students, we are now sending missed messages through the Google Android system. This means you will get a notification when a new message has come in InTouch if you are away from the app. We hope this will help tutors and students be more timely with their responses — after all, the more you use the Vidyanext Learning System™ , the more we can personalize your experience!

Msgs notification_Student & teach app_ Pic 5

Content Update Notifications

Ever felt like you kept seeing the same content bug over and over again? We hear you! In fact, we found for many of our tutors they didn’t know we had pushed fixes and actually fixed the bugs. So with this release we are launching content update notifications —  content gets updated, notifications are sent to you. Students and tuition teachers know which chapter has been updated by a Download icon — it will show up next to the updated chapters that you are yet to download.

Tutor Support

Tutors, we know some of you are new to tablets. We are here for you!. Now, you will have access to our  new chat support. If you have any technology or support related questions, you can talk to Vidyanext support agents. To access this chat, make sure you are logged in, and then click on the chat icon on the top right corner of your tutor screen to start a conversation.

Start new conversation_Teach app _Pic6

Students — we will be launching improvements in support for you in our big Term 2 release — stay tuned!

Submission Links

Lost a submission? Forgot where you tagged it?

No more. When a submission is made, the link to the submission is displayed inline on In-Touch directly. Tapping on the link will directly open the submission.

View Submissions_In-touch_Pic7

New ‘Vbot’ Messages

Vidyabot aka ‘Vbot’ has gotten an upgrade and changed its name! Check out the new messages — can you figure out all of the new actions that will send them?

This is just the first part of the work we have underway — stay tuned for ‘Vbot’ 2.0, launching in our Term 2 release!

V-bot msgs_ In-touch_student app_pic8

New Walkthrough

‘Vbot’ also demanded to be in the walkthrough — so we’ve cleaned it up and made it more pertinent to your needs. And we’ve squashed that annoying Skip bug — tapping on it actually skips now.

Skip bug fixed_student app_Pic9

Find all the new features? What’s your favorite? Let us know in the comments — and as always, email us with questions or comments at support@vidyanext.com

About the author:

Kahran Singh - Product Head, Tuition in Bangalore

Kahran Singh, Product Head – Vidyanext Personalized Tuition