Hello readers! Welcome to day 12 of the Headstart Program.

Today I moved Abhay from his usual spot hoping he would be less distracted. I didn’t see much improvement in his behavior but he did complete a chapter by the class end. Small victories!

Rajesh had missed two classes last week, so I let him settle in and didn’t push him today. I saw him helping one of the new 8th graders. He really has potential, all he needs is constant motivation.

It was nice to see Nitin studying well today as well. Tomorrow, Nitin will be giving his speech on what he would like to be when he grows up and why he would like to be so.

Arvind, one of the new students, decided to sit through both batches. He is very hardworking, but his aim is too low. He is capable of so much more, I hope he realizes this sooner.

Arvind also has really bad handwriting. I gave him homework to write a page of cursive writing along with multiplication and division practice problems. I only want to help him because at some point his answer sheet will cross paths with an impatient external examiner.

Some of the students in the ICSE batch switched to study a science chapter.

Rajesh who also stayed behind to study with the second batch, gave up and left soon.

Ashwin and Kiran were excited to start studying science. But after they realized that it involved more theory and less videos, unlike math, they tried to wriggle their way out of it. Generation Z and their love for videos. Sigh.

I taught them orally today, just to spark an interest about the topic. Later, after giving them some time to go through the context, we played a buzzer round. By the end of the class, and as an outcome of the game, they had written down a list of common terminologies in chemistry.

Learnings: Step in when required to spark interest about a topic, this is helpful especially when it is a lot of textual data. Play games to help retention of facts.