Hello all! Its Chandni S here reporting an eventful day at Vidyanext HQ.

I am very excited to share my day with you. I started with preparation of my class but was interrupted as a parent was here to see me. Surprised, I left my classroom and found Ashwin’s mother waiting for me. She had some doubts regarding the regular classes we had started. She was concerned about Ashwin’s learning as it was his first ever tuition. I assured her that Ashwin is in best hands and not to worry about him. I told her that I would be in constant contact with her about Ashwin’s progress.

As she left, I realized it is time for the class. I opened the door once again to find my students discussing a movie. It was a superhero movie that I am a big fan of as well. So, I placed deals for Varun and Ashwin that if they complete their task on time then they would get the superhero information they don’t know about along with points for being ‘on task’. It was an awesome deal and I had time boxed their work quite tightly. Can you imagine what they did? They started bargaining time with me. This made me laugh. And, yes, they bargained hard! These sixth graders managed to get five minutes added to their deal. Then they drove straight into their books.

Arvind was still stuck with ‘Exponents’. I had to be little stern with him to buck up and made him finish his work. I must start giving him time-based challenges to increase his speed.

We ended our session with ‘conference’. Today, we had questions like, ‘Why do bowling balls have only three holes?’ and ‘Why does the water on earth not get attracted to other planets if all the planets have a gravitational pull?’. My students have become quite inquisitive and I am as proud of them as I can be.