Hello folks! This is Chandni S reporting from the Vidyanext alpha centre. Its been almost a month and I have had such beautiful moments with my students. Those of you who have read my previous blogs would understand. So, trust me when I say there is more yet to come.

We have already started with our regular tuitions but since schools have not yet opened, few heroes were MIA. They all joined back as soon as their school began. I was excited to have all of them back. We are also getting requests for new students to join. I am excited to have my class fill up.

With everyone back, I set up a new reward system. Let me tell you a few things about it. Vidyanext is starting their very own Reward Store™. Students, in class, would earn points for their efforts and behavior as they used to. But now they have a place to either encash small crazy rewards like a solar powered car, superhero action figures, badges, funky magnets, Domino’s and Baskin Robin coupons or, they can rent out some absolutely amazing things like Geared Cycle, Cricket Set, Electronic Guitar, X-Box and list goes on. This will happen with parents’ consent, obviously (Oops, I missed that point in my excitement.).

The Reward Store is open to public and any tutor or parent can sign up for it. Isn’t that great? I suggest you check it out right away.

A fabulous thing about this system is that my students are going to earn these points with their hard work. Then they are going to spend it on the things they have wanted to have. Its all their sweat and salt! I know, I know… I am biased towards my students. But, why not! I am as proud of them as I can be.

My class is very excited and eager for the scoring to start. Yes, I am going to make it tough for them, but, given their determination I know they will reap sweet fruits. Gah! I wish I could be a student as well but nonetheless, this sweet joy I behold is worth it. I will keep you posted my lovely people. For now, signing off!