Hello again! Its Sreelakshmi reporting day 4 of the Headstart Program!

If you haven’t yet, please read up about the previous days’ here. It will help you understand what we are trying to achieve better.

For the student’s and my benefit, the class has been divided into two batches based on the board they study (CBSE/ICSE). I see that the ICSE students are more acquainted with technology and Khan Academy. They were quite excited to use the tablets to learn.

I decided to help the students learn using Khan Academy. It’s wonderfully organized and has a rich database of videos and text. Khan Academy is even aligned to CBSE and ICSE. I definitely recommend it to all tutors and students.

Rajesh and Prem were enjoying learning through videos- both of them choose a relatively easy topic ‘Data Handling’. Even though there was less co-relation between textual content and videos, Rajesh still enjoyed the new way of learning. Prem had a good grasp on the chapter and, so I observed, could relate much faster to the videos.

Tarun on the other hand had a difficult topic ‘Rational Numbers’. I think he might have felt overwhelmed with the video he watched. It was too fast and complex for an introductory video and missed out on fundamentals.

One problem I noticed is that since the videos, text and questions are on different pages, the students are not able to quickly associate between videos and text content. I wasn’t very impressed with the Khan Academy notes ‘To find mean with a frequent distribution table’. I had to step in and explain better.

Also since all the students were learning different topics, it took me a while to process each of their doubts as I had to jump from chapter to chapter. My mind will take extra time to cope. I’ll go through the chapters again at home.

Through the class Tarun tried to while away his time. I can see that he is struggling with both technology and basics. He is slow to read and understand a question. This is making him lack confidence and he definitely needs more time with fundamentals. Tomorrow, I will definitely do help him with his reading skills.

It was less of an effort to explain technology and the Khan Academy site map to the ICSE students. But they did suffer some internet connectivity issues- this slowed down their learning pace.

Very excited to see and report how self-learning with minimal intervention progresses tomorrow. As their guide, I have a good feeling about this.

Learnings: Promote self-learning: equip students with learning material, sources that are of their standards, make them feel in charge of their knowledge. This will help in deeper more meaningful learning rather than passively receiving information. Always pay attention to any roadblocks the student may be facing and help them deal with it.