Before I tell you about all our surprises for this new academic year, let me ask you a question. When do you watch a video to learn how to change a tire on your cycle? Just for fun or when you have a flat tire?

Most of us would answer the latter.

But why? Because humans are biased towards instant gratification. We want to get something when we need it.

It is the same for students. If we ask them to watch a video that they find boring, they will lose interest within 7 seconds. But if we give them a problem to solve and they don’t know how to do it, they will choose to find the whole solution.

That why we’ve newly structured our product around the concept of “Practice”. Students practice problems with a Smart Practice engine that dynamically sequences the problems based on what a student needs to learn. This data is used by our Certified Tutors™ to understand where the student is struggling so they can make every minute of tuitions efficient. Students further optimize their time by practicing at home exactly those topics they need to become confident and achieve their goals.

All said, the real proof that our learning methodology works is when our students get better marks in school tests. To make our students ready for school tests, we have introduced customized assessments. Certified Tutors™ use the customized assessments wizard to choose the right marks and topics for each student. As different schools have different assessment patterns, and every student has different strengths and weaknesses, our tuition teachers personalize assessments according to each student’s needs.

Built on the pillars of Smart Practice, great tutors and customized assessments, we have rebuilt our Learn and Teach apps to help students score better marks. Let’s dive deeper into our new features:

To Do List: Experts have proven a structured learning process helps a learner be effective and efficient. The Learn app automatically updates the To Do list to help every student focus their learning on the tasks they need to complete. It informs the students if a test is assigned by the tutor, or if a quiz is scheduled for them, and if they need to get back to practicing a topic. Students are kept organized with everything he or she has to do and has completed in one place.

Tuitions in Bangalore - Learn App

Smart Practice: Smart Practice is the best new way to learn. Our practice engine understands the student’s learning gaps and gives the correct question at the correct time to optimize student practice time. The student can open any sub chapter on the app and click on “Practice” to start practicing. If the student is struggling with any concept, it is highlighted in the Teach app so that the Certified Tutor™ can brush up the weak concept right away.

CBSE Tuitions in Bangalore- Learn App

Learning Material: Every topic has learning material to explain key concepts and facts. Made up of the best text, images and videos from across the web and curated by our Subject Matter Experts, these augment the Certified Tutor™ in helping the student to master each topic.

Learn App - Maths Tuition in Bangalore

Customized Assessments: Certified Tutors™ can select any combination of chapters and marks for tests. An auto-generated test can then be customized by the tuition teacher, with any question swappable. All tests created by the Certified Tutor™ are saved to the Tests Library for use in future assessments. When assigned, tests appear in the student’s To Do list. After the test is taken, it appears in the Teach app for the tuition teacher to enter marks. When the marks are added, the student is rewarded VCoins.

Teach App - Home Tutors in Bangalore

Notifications: We have introduced notifications that inform the tutor as soon as a student completes a quiz, practice or test. Students too are notified when some work is assigned to them so that they can finish on time. Students are also informed of their updated marks and when they move places on the Leaderboard.

Learn App Notifications - Maths Tutor in Bangalore

Weekly Leaderboard: To reward consistent practice and builds good habits, we will be awarding our amazing students every week!

Learn App - Private Tuitions in Bangalore

We are just getting started this year. There is a lot more to come and we will keep striving to make our students smarter and our tutors greater.

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Great Tutors. Great Tutors use Tech. Great Tutors Teach with Practice.

About the author:

Product Manager - Vidyanext Better Tuitions

Mohammad Najmuzzaman, Product Manager – Vidyanext Personalized Tuition