Hello there, it’s Sreelakshmi reporting Day 3 of the Headstart Program.

You can catch up with the program day wise here.

Yesterday the students had focussed on selecting the difficult chapter they wanted to work on this summer. Also, I gave them homework asking them to write about their favourite public personality. The idea behind it was for them to identify positive characteristics like hard work and perseverance they could imbibe.  


I was happy that, as soon as the session started, the students were prompt to tell me that they had done their homework. All of them apart from Nitin and Tarun were excited to share their work. I mentioned in the last post about Nitin, Tarun & Rajesh having trouble communicating… I wonder if this is a part of the reason they N & T didn’t want to share their work… 

I was a bit disappointed when the students spoke about the facts like when they were born, which teams they played for or where they lived. Little was spoken about their achievements- something I was hoping that if they spoke about, I could leverage to help they aim for the same. 


Moving on to tackling difficult chapters, I asked the students to select one chapter to focus on for the three they had chosen. I told them to glance through the entire chapter and look for new words and topics.  After they did this, I asked them to categorise the different topics in the chapter as easy, hard, interesting and boring. Ashwin and Prem were a little too quick to categorise their topics as easy, difficult, hard etc. I asked all the students to dig deeper and classify each problem from the exercise as easy or hard. Hopefully this task will help them get familiar and understand the various topics and subtopics in the chosen chapters. 

Tomorrow we are going to start learning. I plan on showing them videos related to the topics they have chosen. I wonder how they will respond to this new way of learning. I guess I’ll have to wait and see 🙂 .
Learnings: Ask the student to go through the chapter and familiarise themselves with new words, new topics, and even exercises/questions. They can classify them as easy, hard, difficult or boring. This will help them associate with the chapter and feel in charge of their learning.