I was wondering the other day, if I could assign tasks beforehand to my students. How easy would it be and, how easily would my class go? So, I started looking for a way. I finally, found an app ‘ChoreMonster’ which made my planning of work easy and efficient. I started my day by setting up accounts for the same app on my students’ tab and assigning tasks or ‘chores’ in the app beforehand. I knew I would not be required to demonstrate anything. Their curiosity did all the work. I just responded to their quizzical happy faces that, ‘Yes these were their tasks for today’. Presentation matters! Presenting a task visually rather than telling them made them all the difference. It was like a game to them.

It all started with their assigned tasks. I asked each of them about their home works and I was happy to find that everyone was on task. But, a sheepish ‘yes’ from Sharath got me. So, I sat alongside Sharath today to keep a check on him. I found that he is struggling with numerical problems as he was unable to understand formulas applied. Hence, he attempted questions given for home work but couldn’t solve them. I decided to work with him on his problems only for today. Nishant informed me that he would be leaving early , and he was here just to finish his ‘One Week Goal’. I liked his dedication to complete his work whereas his mother informed me that he is weak at math. Varun did not turn up today. I made a note to call him later to check on his absence. Arvind wanted to finish his ‘Exponents’ but could not. He is lagging on his tasks and needs a boost up. Ashwin was his own enthusiastic self. His energy iwas infectious to other students as well as to me. He completed his Science chapter but did not wanted to do back exercise. I had to bribe him with ‘on task’ points to get him on it. They would do anything for that treat right now.

We moved to the end of our session with another ‘Conference’ of riddles. I was amazed at my students that how many riddles they had come up with. In the end, I showed them a video about ‘What if there is no Gravity?’, one of the curious questions Sharath had asked few days back. I wanted them to explore more about this topic. I think this video probed them for further new array of questions. One more session of our Headstart programme came to an end.