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Driven by the ‘Science of Learning’ , QuizNext is an educational quiz app that helps children apply Maths & Science concepts to CBSE and ICSE exams. Using the practice-based learning approach, QuizNext helps students from Grade 6-10 master chapter-wise Maths & Science concepts, created by experienced teachers based on NCERT, CBSE, and ICSE board exams.

  • Comprehensive Question Bank
    • Exhaustive lists of questions from Grade 6-10
    • Curated questions to match NCERT, CBSE and ICSE board examinations.
    • Hand-picked by certified teachers and study material experts
    • Chapter-level and sub-chapter level Quizzes for better learning experience
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  • Practice-Based Learning
    • Timely practice and revision prompts for Grade 6-10 students
    • Practice Quizzes to improve academic performance
    • Graded practice tests for CBSE & ICSE students to improve recall and retention
    • Brain teasers to enable long-term retention of exam concepts
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  • Challenge-Based Quizzing
    • Engaging & multidisciplinary approach to challenging Maths & Science questions
    • Leaderboard rankings to measure performance
    • Challenge-based practice quizzes to increase motivation to score better marks
    • Challenge-based Quizzing that can be played with others across the country
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  • In-App Rewards & Badges
    • Exciting in-app rewards & badges to keep a child motivated
    • Grades for 6-10 students gamified in the form of points and coins
    • Dashboard of badges and points earned to measure performance
    • Graded rewards to take more trivia quiz questions
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What’s more in our Educational Quiz App?

Our virtual coach "Vee" works as your child's personal coach and recommends ‘Practice Quizzes’ as well as challenges for specific subject areas where your child needs improvement and further practice to excel in CBSE or ICSE exams.

With VEE, QuizNext provides personalized learning for all Grade 6-10 students and helps identify improvement areas to not just strengthen their academic performance, but also their knowledge.

Start practicing today and improve your academic performance!

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