Tutoring is largely different from classroom teaching. The child receives the attention he needs and the coaching methodology can vary depending on the child’s needs. While the major benefits of availing Practice driven tuition are apparent, parents still look for better reasons to invest in Practice driven tuition’s.

Following are the 5 important reasons why every parent should consider Practice driven tutoring for your child:

  • No two children are alike: The natural aptitude for understanding and grasping subjects and different topics within the subjects varies from child to child. For example: A child maybe bad at algebra but exceptionally good at geometry. A child may have a hard time understanding physics but is a savant in chemistry. So, it is not a good idea to have your child sit with 50 other kids for his tuitions. The fewer the students, the better the coaching results.
  • Even smart kids need coaching: A tutor needs to take coaching to a whole different level when he or she is teaching a child who is already bright. It certainly does not mean that the child needs no help as there is always a scope for more improvement. In this case, it is the tutor’s responsibility to help the child reach his full potential by making him or her better.
  • To reduce the scope of neglect: Having your child coached with 50-60 other students, means he or she would get limited or no attention from the teacher. Being a part of a large classroom has many disadvantages and the teachers in charge can only attend to so many students during their limited time in the class.
  • Easier for tutors to keep a track of child’s performance curve: The more tutors are able to attend to their students the more they will understand their strengths and weaknesses which would thereby help them to provide better guidance to their students.

So, avoid wasting money on brands which make several students sit under one roof for a class and choose a tutor which would cater to what your child exactly needs.