Parent FAQs

  • What is Vidyanext?

    Vidyanext is an edtech company that inspires, supports and empowers tutors to make students successful. We are building various apps that help students learn and tutors teach better.

  • What is Vidyanext's plan for the coming academic year?

    We are partnering with tutors to help them be the best. We understand that tutor needs are very different from that of a teacher. We are building a professional development platform where teachers can mentor, train and support tutors.

  • Will Vidyanext provide a tutor for my child?

    No. If you have signed up with a Vidyanext tutor, you can continue to use their services. Please discuss the fee amount and pay the tutor directly. We shall not be taking any fee from you.

  • Do you have any plans of re-starting tuitions?

    At present, we shall not be re-starting tuition services.

  • Can I continue to access Vidyanext's learning material?  


  • Is the Vidyanext Learn App free of cost?

    Yes! The Vidyanext Learn App is free! You can access the comprehensive library of content to find the right video, image or text explanation to suit your child.

  • Is the learn app available for all classes and boards?

    Vidyanext Learn App is created for the students from grades 4 to 10, CBSE and ICSE boards – Maths and Science. Give the app a try.

  • Can I use Vidyanext Learn App without having a tutor?

    Yes, you can use our Learn App independently. The Vidyanext practice engine presents the right problem at the right time to increase your child's knowledge retention.

  • How can I download the Vidyanext Learn App?

    You or your child may download the app from Google Playstore. The app shall help your child score better.

  • Why should I download the Vidyanext Learn App?

    Learning with understanding is the key to long term retention. The Vidyanext Learn App is a perfect study buddy for your child as it provides a customized learning experience.

  • I have some more questions, how do I get in touch?

    For any app related queries, you can get in touch with us on 7022877094 or email us at