“What is happening in my child’s tuitions?”
“Is the tuition even helping my child’?”
“Do I need to intervene in the learning process?”

Are these questions you have about your child’s tuitions? At Vidyanext, we understand a parents’ concerns about their child’s tuitions and are excited to launch the Parent Buddy app on Android and iOS. The Parent Buddy app connects to your child’s Learn app to track your child’s effort and progress on the Vidyanext Learning System™. If you are wondering how, it is just 3 easy steps:

  1. Our Parent Buddy app is available for Android and iOS Mobile Phones from Google Play Store and iOS App Store.
    Parent Buddy App - Google Play Storeios-app-store
  2. Login using your child’s Learn app username and password. If you have login problems, tap the chat support icon on the top right corner of the screen and chat with us.
    ICSE Tuition in Bangalore
  3. Select the subject you want to view the data for.Home Tuition in Bangalore


This is the first screen that you see. Notifications are a list of all the activities that your child is doing on the Vidyanext Learning System™. It tells you what your child has been doing in tuitions, and when.Maths Tuition in Bangalore


You can switch to the Reports screen from the panel on the bottom. There are 3 types of reports:

  1. Submissions report shows you all the submissions your child has done under each chapter. You can review your child’s work from here. If the writing on a submission looks too small, you can pinch and zoom to get a better view.
    CBSE Maths Tuition
  2. Quizzes report gives you a graphical overview of your child’s effort and performance on Vidyanext quizzes. You can change the month for which you want to view the graph and also view all the scores for the day by tapping that day’s dot. Red dots mean that your child has scored less than 10 out of 260 in any of the quizzes of the day. Green dots mean that all scores for the day are above 10 out of 260.
    Recall Memory - Quizzes
  3. Tests report has your child’s report card which includes all tuition marks and school exam marks entered in the system by the tutor. If you think that there are missing exam marks, please reach out to the tutor and inform about the missing marks.
    Home Tutors

Tutor Info

You can switch to the Tutor Info screen from the bottom panel. This screen gives you information on your child’s tutor. You can call or SMS the tutor directly from here. If you are confused about any feature or have any other query, you can use the chat support icon to talk to us.

Become a Tutor

We are really excited about the app. Are you? Please let us know by mail at want2b@vidyanext.com or just chat with us through the Parent Buddy app.

About the author:

Product Manager - Vidyanext Better Tuitions

Mohammad Najmuzzaman, Product Manager – Vidyanext Personalized Tuition