You know how people complain about Wednesday blues? Today I didn’t understand that because when I walked in to class I found my students as excited as I was.

Hello everyone! I’m Chandini S tutor in residence at the Vidyanext HQ. If you’d like to know more about my journey with tutoring, please read the last blog.

As I was saying, the students looked positive this morning. This is because the reward system is driving them really well (A week ago, I introduced rewards on ClassDojo).

We discussed the day’s tasks quickly and everybody was set with their books and tabs. Last week the class made a deal to complete 3 chapters for extra points. As you know by now Varun is not fond of science but today I found him steeling himself for a biology test. You see a deal is a deal. With apprehension, he started with his test and slowly eased into that ‘no disturbance’ zone.

Sharath was determined to finish his chapter too. And, looking at him, Nishant also was determined to finish his Math chapter. My army is working hard. For an ice-cream, I know, but working hard nonetheless.

Arvind continued with his Math and sat next to me to get his doubts cleared. He doesn’t like less than 100% success rate in his Math assignments. Ashwin joined us after his short vacation and did not wanted to lag behind, so he dug straightaway into his Chemistry chapter. His new chemistry book mind you. He is now a proud owner of grade 6 textbooks.

In the background last week, the amazing Vidyanext content team was working on gamified tests for each of them. The kids tried it and loved it. They had so much of fun doing it that we had to cut down our ‘conference’ time and end our session with rewarding points for being hard-working today.

They are coming close to their reward goals. I am as eager as they are to reach the goal. If they win it…No scratch that, ‘when’ they win it, I will win as well.

Learnings: When your students win, you win too. Gamified tests are exciting to do- look up how you can gamify your tests.