Hello there! It’s been 3 weeks since the new academic year began. Through the summer till now we have been experimenting with various strategies to make children motivated and self-reliant learners.

One of our on-going experiments involves ‘rewards’. So far I have been assigning the class a score to achieve collectively. Their good behavior earns them positive points. By the end of the Summer they had earned themselves an ice cream treat (which they were thrilled about).

Today, I started with a new strategy that combines learning, behavior and rewards. The strategy has two parts to it. One involves rating the child out of five stars for each learning time block given to them e.g. how she performed in 20 min of math practice. The second part is awarding instant points for good or bad behavior e.g. positives for queuing their doubts and negatives for not waiting for your turn and asking doubts in between a session.

I got results on the first day itself- students quickly began understanding how the system worked. All these points lead directly to the Vidyanext Reward Store. Students kept scoring 4/5 stars. Soon, they realized what causes negative marks and started avoiding those behaviours.

Varun struggled a lot on the first day and got many negative points for asking questions out of turn. Now he learning to que his doubts. In the last class he only got 1 negative and 3 positives. Arvind got 3 stars for not practicing math in time, but he also got 5 stars for queuing up doubts in science.

Ashwin is always aiming for 5 stars and no negative points. But he still gets negative point here and there. Kiran is on a similar path and is aiming for 5 stars just so he can rent an Xbox from the Reward Store.

This week we were joined by a new girl called Dhruti. Dhruthi has been getting 5 stars for science but is not as confident in math. I am sure she will be able to work the 3 or 4 stars into a full score.

The journey with rewards and learning has been both positive and stimulating. I can’t wait to see the effect of this experiment with time. I encourage all of you to start a similar program with your kids.

Why not start with the Vidyanext Reward Store? It’s free for the first month and has exciting rewards like bicycles, gaming consoles, cools toys that your child can rent or buy with their hard earned points. It’s a win-win, they work hard and enjoy the fruits of their labour.