Hello folks! I’m Chandni S- Resident tutor at Vidyanext HQ. We started blogging about tuitions a month ago with the “Headstart Program”. If you haven’t read it, I seriously recommend you do. With the Headstart Program we had the students self-learn tough chapters in math and science before the school year began. The program had great results.

Now we continue with our regular tuitions. The students and I are very excited. Why? For one, because it’s a new academic year, a fresh start if you will. At least, my calendar starts with academic calendar. I think, it is same for all the students and teachers. Their new year starts with academic year only.Also, during the Headstart Program we had a point system going to reward good behavior, and we were just 20 points away from the group reward.

I opened the door to find a smiling Sharath in his chair. This made me smile as well. Today is his last day at VidyaNext. I am going to miss this kid. I had set work by preparing for ‘Behavior- related Tasks’ and updating ‘chores’ on ‘ChoreMonster>’ for all my students. ChoreMonster is a fantastic app that works on web and mobile- it helps keep track of chore you assign to kids. These points can be further converted to rewards.

Today, I prepared Behavior related Tasks for Arvind only. His task was already placed on his desk before he arrived. I knew he would earn these points. He came and sat at his chair; smiled while reading the task and got onto it. Arvind started well but got stuck with the practice questions, so we worked on it together.

Varun was last to join today, and he was late to class. He knew he was going to lose points for it. Even, I’m sad about it.

What surprised me most today was that nobody asked me, ‘What to do,Akka?’. They all started their ‘ChoreMonster’ and got onto their tasks. Amazing! Sharath started with math today and was quite happy with the change in subject. Varun had a thirty-minute challenge where he had to finish ‘Rocks and Soil’ along with the back exercise. Quite tough, I know, but he did it as I was certain he would. After that, to change the pace, I asked him to switch to math.

Later, I asked everyone to write their feedback about Headstart Program on paper and encouraged them to give their honest likes and dislikes about it. They all wrote enthusiastically and yes! I got honest opinions in the end. We wrapped our session with a video ‘What if all the ice of Earth melts?’

As usual the class ended with me distributing ClassDojo points. Hurray! We did it. We crossed three hundred points. This called for a treat. And a treat we had!