Let’s face it, we can’t ignore the power of the internet. Everyday it is becoming more natural to download an app to get something done. It is easier to use Google to search for a service than it is to ask people for help.

This behaviour is more amplified in a city like Bangalore that is open to experimenting with technology and ideas.  In fact, this behaviour is not limited to the younger generation. Even older people (post 50 years of age) are receptive of working with online functions.

So, should you list yourself as a tutor online?

The obvious answer is YES.

The follow up question remains – where should you list yourself online?

The internet can be a big wide scary place. But we have put together few pros and cons of listing yourself on online directories vs with Vidyanext.

Let’s take a look:

Criteria Vidyanext Others
Listing Appear to only students closest to you. You stand out. Appears in an area search. Get lost in the crowd.
Cost for listing Free Paid
Technology Aids you to teach better Tries replacing the tutor
Training & Mentorship Certify and up-skill you to become better tutors Train you to use their platform and leave you at that.
Post student acquisition Stays with you and guides you. You are our partner. We market and also assist you with our tech services to make tutoring easy. Gives you the lead and drops of after that
Payment Set your own price. Nominal commissions. Fixed payments, high commissions.
Peers and colleagues Integrated. You get to meet your peers and exchange ideas with them. We are one organisation. Isolated. Others send the student contact details to you and then you are left alone.


Other’s will list you along with other tutors in the area. This will make the selection process longer for parents. You may have to pay to show in the listings or to get client’s phone number to make a call.

At Vidyanext we work with distance, so your profile will appear to the closest student only. You may worry about your profile appearing only to the closest student, but hey isn’t that the point?

The listing is completely free!


Other’s have teaching technology that replaces the tutor.

Vidyanext has technology that aids the tutor to make their task easier- e.g. Our Teach App had programs that will help you set test papers in minutes saving your precious time to do the actual job of tutoring.

Training & Mentorship

Other’s will train you to use their platform and leave you at that. There is no concern about upskilling or mentoring you.

At Vidyanext, we value you partnering with us. We take the time and trouble to upskill you and help you become better tutors. We even have special educators as mentors to help you with smart techniques and methods.

After you have completed our trainings, we certify you!

Post Student Acquisition

Others may share your contact details with clients, but their service stops at that.

Vidyanext stays with you the entire time. Not only do we market you, we also assist you with our tech services to make tutoring easy.  We are a phone call or chat away whenever you need us.


Others may offer a rigid payment structure with high commission fees.

At Vidyanext, we offer a flexible payment scheme. This means you get to quote your own price. We suggest a moderate and competitive commission.

Peers and colleagues

With Other’s you are mainly cut out from the system. The only people you may interact with is the company.

At Vidyanext we like to be integrated. We have regular meets to discuss new ideas and suggestions. We even reward those who go beyond expectations. You get to meet your peers and exchange ideas and stories. We have dedicated support function that is always available to offer help when you need it.

These are a few reasons why you would want to choose one service over the other.

What is one thing you definitely expect from partnering with us? Tell us in the comments below.