Hello there, it’s Sreelakshmi reporting the Friday from week 2 of the Headstart program.

Today will be a smaller update than usual as some of the students could not attend class today.

Remember how I told you I am using Class Dojo to help me moderate my class? Today we signed in and I assigned points for good and bad behaviour, remarks and tracked attendance.

I had even had time to set up and connect with the students there. I have to say I appreciate how Prem handles himself and his time in class. Today I saw him use the Duolingo app to learn Japanese.

Ashwin completed Symmetry and Geometry today. I like how smart and interested he is with the process, plus he is very involved in class. Ashwin even has a good effect on Kiran, who is otherwise playful and distracted, by helping him concentrate on his lessons.

Swapnil continues to be absent minded and struggles with technology. He needs to concentrate more and is easily distracted with a device in hand.

Today Varun was more involved with learning. I was glad to see this change.

I let everyone have the last 30 minutes free as reward for their days work.

Learnings: spend free time connecting and getting to know students better. Reward them when they have done well.