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We are increasing teacher and student academic productivity through research and innovation - in Gurgaon.

CBSE (NCERT) and ICSE Boards (Maths & Science - Classes 6 to 10)

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What is Vidyanext Learning Studio?

  • After school classes with innovative teaching methods to achieve better grades in academics.
  • Identify and address individual student needs.
  • School curriculum focused learning.
  • Skill workshops for Parents and Teachers.
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Why parents love our after-school classes?

Our qualified and experienced teachers are more like mentors - they do more than just teach.

We believe in teaching small groups of children, so that each child gets the adequate attention they need from their teacher.

Our learning technology based on school curriculum, uses techniques like ‘Spaced Repetition’ to help children with long-term memory retention, especially useful during exams. All children have access to our in-house library and Study Material website. We periodically have skill building workshops for parents to help their children to be more confidant.

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Maths made easy with our Maths techniques

Vedic Maths:  Technique to Find Square of Numbers not Close to Base (Click above to start watching)
Vedic Maths: Tricks for Kids to Find the Square of Numbers (Click above to start watching)