Hello Everyone! Sreelakshami here, reporting progress from week 4 of the Headstart Program.

We came back from the long weekend, so it was a slow day catching up and getting into speed. We worked on the homework that I gave them before the break. Though they told me they knew how to do it a few days back, they still had doubts. I resolved them and continued to work with them on basic Math concepts according to their grades.

Ashwin, Kiran and Sharath from the second batch are learning science now. Earlier last week Ashwin and Kiran attempted to study science but gave up saying it was more difficult than math. But today I can see they have developed interest towards it. I think this is because they are being closely monitored. Ashwin and Kiran are studying together as they usually do. They have selected the chapter Elements, Compounds and Mixtures. I noticed how they kept relating the study matter with real objects and situations. This is a fantastic way to learn!

Arvind, who joined last week, has a progressive mindset that I believe will help him learn more if nurtured well. Sharath was lethargic today and I think this is because he came back from a long break. Varun was performing extremely well in Algebra. He has grasped the subject well.

We have a new student Ishaan join us today. He seems a bit aloof from the group. He told me that he likes the study method followed here and I was glad to hear that.

I rewarded them all as they did well today by letting them play in the last half hour.

Let see how the week progresses.

Learnings: A great way to relate to study material is by relating it to everyday objects and situations.