Hello everyone, it’s Chandini S reporting Day 2 of what could be the last week of the Headstart Program.

Our gang here is tech savvy, so, we use tabs and laptops regularly. My day starts with putting the tabs for charge, placing extra pens, making sure board markers are working. In the midst of this I recalled a discussion the students had with me about the posters in our room being boring. Hmm! Maybe they are right. Besides, this is their study space. I got to work and removed them all.

When I finished, I turned around to find the class filling up with students before time. The reward system has worked wonders on punctuality. They wished me a good morning and looked at the empty walls with surprise. They had gotten used to those posters. But, no worries, we will add little fun element in our class.

Yesterday, two of the students struggled with logging in to their Khan Academy accounts and Learn app. In fact, that has been happening for past few days due to lack of names on the tabs. So, I started by assigning tabs with names on them and giving them their new IDs for various accounts of apps that we use in our classes. As they began with their tasks, I asked them about their weekly goal progress and in response they gave me a quizzical look. Yeah, They forgot all about it! I need to do something to keep reminding them about it.

I helped Sharath a little with his numerical problems. I think he needs more practice. Nishant was as usual on a spree to finish his work. He has been asking what if he completes more than three chapters? Would he get more bonus points? Kids will be kids.

I found Arvind working on Math again. He is really good at it but little worried about, ‘What if I do this question wrong’. His anxiousness is unnecessary and I need to boost his spirits. I gave Ashwin a test assignment on ‘States of Matter’ but I found him distracted. He even started disturbing others which, after a little stern face from me, was sorted.

Varun was struggling with new names popping up in ‘Animal Classification’. I can’t blame him; those names require memorizing. But, we managed by breaking big words into smaller ones and have pictures of the ‘weird name animals’.

We are progressing. Step by step. I am hoping they reach to their finish lines. I am also aiming for my personal ice-cream treat when they achieve their weekly goals.