The benefits of a tutoring job often go beyond that of a regular part time job. While some people’s main job is tutoring, other’s do it as a part time job. Every person has a different reason they choose to tutor.

See which category (or categories) you fall into:

1) Passionate about teaching

Perhaps you have a B.Ed or perhaps you don’t. It doesn’t matter to you. It is the joy of helping kids learn and become wiser that has always been your life goal. You could be working in a school or even conducting tuitions at home – it doesn’t matter as long as you get to teach and make a difference students’ life.

2) Flexible hours

Tutoring allows you to have easier schedules since it’s just about you and your clients. You and your various students can closely work together to establish session times that work for everyone. Additionally, you’ll know exactly how many hours you’re working each session. A tutoring session typically lasts for no more than two hours.

3) Freshers exploring the field

Very often graduates who aren’t certain about their career path take to tutoring. While some genuinely want to test waters, others do it as a way to pass time and make money. If you fall into the latter category, it would be advised that you reconsider tutoring as an option.

If you are from the former however, know that tutoring conveys professionalism. It shows that you are educationally driven and able to work with people comfortably and successfully regarding important matters. All of these are fantastic qualifications that are avidly searched for in the workforce, and additionally, they will leave you highly respected.

4) Emotional and intellectual fulfilment

There are also those who have probably never thought about tutoring before, but who want to work in a fulfilling profession. When tutoring someone, you’re not just getting a series of tasks done — you’re making a difference in a student’s life. You will be a figure he or she can look to for guidance. The more and more you do it, the more likely you are to find yourself feeling very proud, confident and fulfilled.

5) The pay

There are also those who are just looking for a way to make money. The salary you make as a tutor will most likely be higher than the wage you receive from other part-time jobs. There is no harm is being interested in money, but if you have no interest in teaching, we suggest reconsidering your decision to be a tutor.

Tutoring is no easy task, but all will recognize the hard work you are doing as well as the impact you are making on the students’ futures. This ultimately leads to bigger, and well-deserved, paychecks for you.

It takes responsibility, hard work and patience to be a tutor, so be prepared for those elements if you decide to take it on. It may not be easy, but if you genuinely commit and dedicate yourself, you’ll find many rewards.

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