Hello there, I am Sreelakshmi. I tutor students in Math and Science between grades 6 – 10.

Today (9-4-2018), I began an exciting program with my students – it’s called Headstart Program.

First of all, let me talk about the Headstart Program. They are tuition sessions conducted in the summer vacations for students between grades 6 to 9, tackling the top 5 difficult chapters in Math and Science. The goal of this program is to have the students more confident and ready before the school year begins.

Everyone needs more time than usual to absorb difficult concepts. This is an innovative way to do ease children into a new academic year.

A good start! Today is a wonderful summer day in Bangalore- it is hot but all the flowering trees are in bloom. The first batch of students start pouring in early. We begin introducing ourselves.

I think it’s important to connect with your students first rather than dictate things to them immediately. I wanted to make themselves feel comfortable, this way learning takes place better.

I ask them about the 3 things and people they like the most. Then I asked them why they like those people so much.

This was fun and also an interesting lesson in itself. All the people they liked displayed positive values like hard work, kindness and perseverance.

Next, I asked them about their favourite teacher and why they liked them so much.

The class was alive and full of conversation and laughter. By now, I’d like to think we had broken ice.

I told the students they could ask me any questions about the program if they’d like. After clearing doubts, we watched a video on Class Dojo to help students understand what is it be expected of them.

Time flies so quickly- the hour is at end. I gave them homework- to write about their favourite public personality. They seemed excited about it. Can’t wait to start the next session tomorrow.