Hello everyone! After an very interesting week 1, we’re back to take on week 2 of the Headstart Program.

Last week, I asked the students to choose the chapters they’d like to study themselves. Then, after asking them to get familiar with it, they were encouraged to self-study. We used Khan Academy videos to learn the math chapters. Initially the children were a bit slow to adapt to the app, but through the week we saw them get more comfortable with it. In fact, their pace of learning sped up. Children were encouraged to resolve doubts on their own. I was there as an omnipresent guide, helping them, encouraging them and intervening when necessary.

This is what the start of week two’s progress looks like.

While they did do well towards the end of last week, Nitin and Tarun were struggling with their new topics again. Upon investigation, I found out, that was because they both lacked understanding with the basic concepts of their respective topic.

Rajesh, though he has full potential to read by himself, is showing no interest and acting lazy. This is a continued theme from last week. Prem on the other hand is a hard worker. He knows he needs a lot of practice and owes up to it by working hard.

Abhay is so naughty- he keeps going around disturbing everyone else. Swapnil too, from the ICSE batch, is a distraction to himself as well to others. He keeps fiddling with his earphones and other things.

Varun has the same behaviour as he did last week ie. He is more interested in completing the chapter than actually understanding it. Ashwin and Kiran are very enthusiastic learners, but they are getting distracted by the other students. For being so hard working and persistent, I rewarded Ashwin and Kiran by letting them spend time in the recreation room.

I need to change my approach with Swapnil, Varun and Abhay. Perhaps I need to take a psychological approach whilst teaching and help them realise the purpose of these classes.

Learnings: Rewards can help reinstate good behavior. Think of different approaches while working with students uninterested in studying.