This academic year, 2015-2016, Pournima Srivatsa’s students scored between 9 and 10 GPA in the CBSE exam. Her SSLC students scored 93.3%, 95.4% & 92.6%. And these were just some of the results she shared with us. We sat down with this warm, engaging tutor, to find out how she gets such high scores each and every time.

Vidyanext: How long have you been giving tuitions?
Pournima Ma’am: Actually I started teaching in 1998. Then I joined a bank and was working there, but I continued to teach on the side here and there because I really enjoyed it! Then, since 2009, I have been teaching regularly again.

Vidyanext: Why did you start taking tuitions?
Pournima Ma’am: All my life, my own maths marks were like 98, 99 and 100! I knew I had some knack for doing well. Plus I love teaching and specially maths and science subjects. So I wanted to share my own ability to do well with students. I wanted to teach them how. So I was inspired to take tuitions.

Vidyanext: What do you like about teaching?
Pournima Ma’am: I feel inspired and creative when teaching. I take the books of famous mathematicians and extract sums from there and make my students work on them. It’s enjoyable for them and I like to see how they can stretch their minds and apply it to new kinds of problems.

Vidyanext: How do you manage to get such high marks for your students? WHat is your method?
Pournima Ma’am: I prepare notes for each chapter along with applications based questions and multiple choice questions. I also conduct weekly and monthly tests, assess their performance, and then share the feedback with their parents. I make sure my students have a timetable that helps them to plan their studies and schedule their practice sessions. These are all the things that Vidyanext helps with. 

Vidyanext: What advice do you have for parents?
Pournima Ma’am: Never compare your kids to others and force them to do beyond their strength. Understand their weaknesses and strengths, and accordingly  advise them on where to concentrate, how to focus and they will surely do well. Just work with your child’s capacity and you will see great results.

Vidyanext: What advice do you have for students?
Pournima Ma’am: Be organized. Make a study plan and follow it. If you learn a new chapter today, immediately revise it the next day before starting a new chapter. Maintain notes in point form for quick reference and use them.
Never mug up matter, instead, understand the concept and keep it in mind so that you can make answers in your own words.
Practice!  Practice!  Practice!
Vidyanext: Why do students like you?
Pournima Ma’am: Students need to feel comfortable with their tutor. A tutor should have a personal touch and interaction should be enjoyable. That’s what I offer, warmth and approachability! Students can ask me absolutely anything!
They also love my way of presentation and notes.

Vidyanext: How has Vidyanext added value to your teaching?
Pournima Ma’am: I have enrolled because I really believe in the learning technology. It is full of very useful apps that children can use and get better. In fact I will recommend that my students use all the apps every day and I am sure they will see better scores very soon. In fact, I can take students who are average or even below average and with the Vidyanext technology, I will ensure that they score 85% to 95%.