What does New Age, or 21st Century Learning look like? Today, educational systems are putting more emphasis on the FOUR Cs: Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication, and Collaboration. These are considered the most essential skills our children will need to have to get ahead, and be employable.

That’s what 21st Century Learning refers to. The ability of a child to be digitally savvy, globally aware, and to master content that is beyond their syllabus, but pertains to the professional world. How does this work out alongside a rigid syllabus like what we have in India? Most schools emphasize on marks only, while the world out there demands so much more of our children.

This kind of learning can take place with some effort from us, the people who has parenting the future of our world. Here are some tips.

Get involved with the school:

Try and make sure that your own efforts to towards 21st century learning are aligned with what your school is already doing. If there is a debate class, prepare them well and get them to understand the importance of public speaking. Support the school with project work. Bring in the 4 Cs when working with your child at home.

Show them how a good citizen behaves:

Show up to vote, take an interest in your environment and model how, when you take responsibility, you can enable change. Employers prefer engaged, innovative team members, and people who show a healthy knowledge of the current environment come across as more conscientious.

Master the digital world:

Involve your child in making decisions about appropriate online use, about the quality of material available online-whether it is educational or news-related. Another important topic is appropriate online behaviour-what is acceptable and what is not as far as social media in particular is concerned.

Stress on learning other languages and about other cultures:

Research shows that the best time to teach children about other cultures is after the age of seven. But learning another language, as young as three years of age can actually builds new connections between neurons, which leads to higher IQ, and also presents proof of a global mindset in an interview situation.

Make the most of afterschool time:

Think through the activities you will expose your children to. Every activity you choose should in some way complement what you are already doing to hone the 4 Cs. Look around for balanced classes that teach life skills and leadership, as well as sports and other activity-based skills. Companies are increasing looking for leaders and innovative professionals who can lead them into the newest markets. Children who are exposed to great teaching, as well as learn to substantiate their learnings with more depth are usually the ones who grow up to be leaders and visionaries. We believe that great parenting supports great teaching. Which gets us better results.