Hello, my readers! I am so excited to tell you about today’s preparation. Remember, I told you I would be doing something about reminding my students about goals everyday. So, I prepared a chart which includes everybody’s name and lesson names which they are targeting this week. It has a prominent plus five in its center and heading of ‘My goals’. I pinned it next to reward chart so they are constantly reminded about rewards and bonus. You see, this plus five will get them much close to their rewards. I can imagine two of my students being excited about it.

As expected, when everybody entered they were little astonished, but surprise gave way to slow smile as I made it clear that you can cut chapters that you have done. Nishant and Varun were on it instantly. Their enthusiasm made me laugh. A good start to my day.

We started off by rechecking our statuses where we stand in ‘My goals’ and dug in our shoes to complete as much as possible. Varun and Sharath started with their test assignments. In the meanwhile, Arvind started with his new Math chapter. He is going consistent and well. I am waiting to start science lesson with him now. Ashwin was little distracted and less energetic than usually he is. Although he was off today but he completed his work in time making sure he earns his ‘on task’ points. Nishant kept track of time and finished his work on time. So, I gave him his well-earned ‘free five minutes’ before we started our ‘conference’. I am little disappointed by Sharath’s performance. I would be giving him a practice sheet for numerical problems. Varun did well in his test, but he still needs to memorize new words. I will have to come up with a new tactic for it.

We ended our session with a funny round of ‘conference’. They were asking riddles today. Room was filled with laughter and enthusiasm to ask more and more riddles. I happily went along with the today’s change. Well, all work and no play makes everyone dull! After earning Dojo points, all left with the smiles on their faces, including me.