Aloysius is one of our most popular tutors. Once students see a demo, they almost always ask to be tutored by him. Here he answers some questions about his teaching, and why Vidyanext is his chosen network.

Vidyanext: Give us some background about yourself-where did you study? What subjects? What classes do you teach and what subjects? 

Aloysius: Hi, I am Khyahrii Aloysius S. from Manipur, India. I did my matriculation from Don Bosco High School, Maram, Manipur and my PUC in Science (PCBE) from D.A.V. Public School, Imphal, affiliated to CBSE. I have done my B.Sc. Zoology Hons. (CBZ) from Don Bosco College, Maram, Manipur, affiliated to Manipur University. I did my M.Sc. in Biotechnology from St. Aloysius College (autonomous), Mangalore affiliated to Mangalore University. I have worked as a Research Assistant for the period of six months at St. Joseph’s College, PG and Research Centre, Bangalore.
I teach science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) for high school students from CBSE board, ICSE board and State board

Vidyanext: How long have you been tutoring? 

Aloysius: I have been tutoring for the past one year here at Bangalore. I also used to teach school students at my hometown during my summer break while I was doing my masters.

Vidyanext: What inspired you to start tutoring? 

Aloysius: Teaching and tutoring are among the list of noble professions. Nurturing someone, seeing them do well and becoming a great person in life is what I wanted to contribute to humanity.

Vidyanext: What makes you different as a tutor?

Aloysius: Many times I wonder how I should proceed in life to be a successful person! Something that challenges me about being a tutor is fixing problem, and having discipline day in and day out. I believe in discipline for all form of success and I advise students to do the same.

Vidyanext: How has Vidyanext helped you teach? 

Aloysius: The methodology implied by Vidyanext has helped me holistically become a better and better tutor. The contents and the videos act as a supplement, the worksheets and the chapter test are like an artificial intelligence tutor. So, student have two tutors at the same time, one is me and the other is Vidyanext.

Vidyanext: What advice do you have for students?

Aloysius: Do what you love be it sports, music, art, etc but never forget your studies. Have balance (like I said the importance of balanced diet) in your journey of life relating to time, studies and other co-curricular activities. Always remember and carry alone with you discipline, like a secret keeper. Each one of us is special and unique, so learn from others too. Last but not the least; learn one more thing from a great scientist, Albert Einstein said “I have no special talent, but I am only passionately curious”.

Vidyanext: Why do you think your students like you?

Aloysius: I am passionate about sports, music, art, science and humanity. We all know that all students have something they really love to do and I am very open to it and encourage them. They ask me any type of question and I am open to it. I listen to them and understand their strengths and weaknesses. I play with them like Maths is music, Science is a song and if we play with the right tune we never get bored and we love it.

Vidyanext: What is your approach to tutoring? 

Aloysius: One of the most valuable lessons tutors can share with their students is a curiosity and passion for learning. Perform an experiment be it science or maths rather than been theoretical always. Teach them to become independent learners. Put assessment through games. Use multimedia tools (we have from Vidyanext perfectly) and ask them question about what do they understand from the video. Discuss with them rather than always being tutor. Appreciate them at times even though they have done it wrong because they have tried and correct them through points and encouragement. Always appreciate and upgrade their strength.