Hello all! I am super excited to talk about today’s tuition class. I have been trying out two new classroom strategies that I will tell you about after I give you the update on how the students are progressing with science.

Varun completed his first science chapter. I think I could see satisfaction on his face. I asked him to revise it and attempt to answer a few test questions. Varun has always claimed to ‘hate’ science, so it was rather questionable that he said yes to the test without putting up a fight. Nonetheless, it is a good start.

Two weeks ago when we attempted to switch to studying science from math on Khan Academy, the kids got quite bored because of the lack of video content. Since Vidyanext has a pretty good Learn app, I thought it would be a good idea to switch to that. So, Kiran started studying his science chapter ‘Air’ on the VN app. He was so engrossed in the videos and text content that he did not move his head at all.

Sharath was having trouble with ‘Gravitation’. Later on, after some probing, he told me that he is unable to understand the formulas used. So, we stopped working on Gravitation and started anew with ‘Motion’ as he had not read that chapter at all. It’s all about basics!

We had new kid called ‘Nishant’ join us today. He took the diagnostic test and was happy with tech based assignments and learning.

Now, about those two strategies I have been experimenting with.

Remember how I spoke about using ClassDojo at the beginning of the Program? Well, we have been documenting points on it. The aim I set for the students is to collect 500 points to get an ice-cream treat amongst other rewards. It had an instant effect, everyone started working on it. They are being punctual, doing their homework, completing tasks on time. This strategy is working well.

Another classroom strategy I have been working with is ‘conference’. I ask kids to come up with few questions based on their curiosity or study material if they like. Then, on turn, they ask their questions and everybody, including me, can try answering them. The motive is to make them think out of the box, be comfortable enough to ask the silliest questions and not be embarrassed. These are open end conversations where I probe them to think beyond their context. This too is working out well. Questions range from ‘Is air a living thing?’ to ‘Did the big bang really create the universe?’, which is awesome from my point of view.

For homework I told them to think about questions and answers for our ‘conference’ sessions and also to work on their study text.

How about you try one of these methods? I’d like to hear your thoughts about it in the comments or even in our community chatroom.