Summer’s here and it’s time to dream of vacations, waking up late and summer activities. It’s also time to think of making sure that your children are fully prepared to go into the next academic year. Bangalore is full of coaching classes that promise you toppers and cent percent marks. However, if you really analyse those ads, you might find that not all of these are genuine. In fact, the student whose picture they have used, might even be from a few years ago.

When choosing tuitions in Bangalore, first decide whether you are looking for home tuitions, or a learning centre. Once you have decided, here are some tips to deciding on personalized home tutoring, specially for tuitions in maths and science.

Once you have decided, here are some tips on how to choose a tutor:

  1. Demo Class: Ask for a free demo class. Most tutors are happy to conduct one, or have you observe. Notice how your child responds to the tutor’s teaching methods and whether the tutor is able to be in control of the situation.
  2. Location: This may not always be possible. We are one of the very few who offer you the option of a tutor close to where you live. We have noticed that when children are not tired out from commuting, they have the energy and the drive to apply in learning.
  3. Match your needs: A tutor may have a great reputation for getting results. That doesn’t mean he or she will be that effective with your child, For example, a younger child may not need a very experienced tutor, but someone who can engage him or her.
  4. Personality: Qualities such as enthusiasm are just as valuable as experience. Sometimes even students who are tutoring might be able to do a better job because they are closer to the subject. Be open when deciding.
  5. Ask for references: If you’re still undecided, go ahead and speak to other students and their parents to get a complete picture. Ask about results as well as student well-being to get a holistic picture.
  6. Check for tools: Today’s children learn differently. There’s a lot more distraction and competition for a child’s time than the previous generation had. A tutor who uses the right technology that helps students learn better, remember more and practice regularly is on the right track to ensuring that your child gets the best. Check that the app they’re using also has features that help you keep track of what your child is doing in tuition class.

Once you have the right combination of tutor and technology, the results are sure to follow.