What to do and what not to do.

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The Vidyanext logo

Our logo

The Vidyanext logo will be used on all print and digital collateral. The logo will always be used with the byline "Smart Tuitions". Approval for use without the byline needs to be taken.


When using the logo on with print on digital media do make sure that there is adequate spacing around the logo. The'x' value is half the height of the 'V'.

Check Teams for logos to download

Logo variation

Usage on dark background or coloured.

Logo Variation

Logo usage on image / dark background.

Logo Watermark

Logo used as watermark (50% opacity).


Do not use on light and non brand backgrounds


Do not use the the corporate logo on dark backgrounds.


Do not use on images that disrupt the logo.


Open Sans

Open Sans is our corporate font. All collateral for both print and digital need to use this.

Open Sans is a humanist sans serif typeface designed by Steve Matteson, Type Director of Ascender Corp. Open Sans was designed with an upright stress, open forms and a neutral, yet friendly appearance. It was optimized for print, web, and mobile interfaces, and has excellent legibility characteristics in its letterforms.

Download the font »

Colours (swatches)

Primary colours used 


Hex: #f58635
RGB: 245, 134, 53
CMYK: 0%, 60%, 90%, 0%


Hex: #29abe2
RGB: 41, 171,226
CMYK: 70%, 15%, 0%, 0%


Hex: #4d4d4d
RGB: 77, 77, 77
CMYK: 0%, 0%, 0%, 85%

Secondary - Grey 75%

Hex: #717171 RGB:113, 113,113 CMYK: 0%, 0%, 0%, 70%

Secondary - Grey 50%

Hex: #b8b8b8
RGB:184, 184,184
CMYK: 0%, 0%, 0%, 40%

Secondary - Grey 25%

Hex: #dbdbdb
RGB: 219, 219,219
CMYK: 0%, 0%, 0%, 20%

Secondary - Grey 10%

Hex: #f2f2f2
RGB: 242, 242, 242
CMYK: 0%, 0%, 0%, 5%

Secondary - Green

Hex: #66bb6a
RGB: 102, 187,106
CMYK: 60%, 0%, 80%, 0%

Secondary -Red

Hex: #e53935
RGB: 229, 57,53
CMYK: 5%, 90%, 85%, 0%

Secondary - Dark Blue

Hex: #264863
RGB: 38, 72,99
CMYK: 90%, 70%, 30%, 25%

Illustration, Photography and Iconography

Both illustrations and photography need to reflect the accompanying content.


Characters created should reflect urban India in their attire and expressions. Characters should be simple with expressive faces.

See examples

Hispanic or Indian models should be used. The models should connect with the viewer. The models / actors should be doing an action rather than posing for the camers.

See examples

Line icons will be used where possible. Icons used should be simple yet convey what they represent. Icons should always be accompanied by text.

Download the iconset

Tone of Voice

TOV is not what you say but how you say it and the impression it makes on everyone who reads or hears you. Remember we speak to three different audiences: Parents, Students and Tutors (teachers).

To do: Our TOV needs to be authoritative. We need to sound like a premier service provider in the education space. We use everyday words and phrases to communicate with our audience. Our communication being primarily digital needs to be short and concise. Special emphasise on our brand pillars. Write to the point. Support statements with facts / data points / surveys.


Not to do: Don't use corporate jargon. Try not to use phrases that one would not hear while speaking. Stay away from over complicating an idea but state the facts as they are seen. Keep generic statements to a minimum.

Brand pillars

Intelligent Practice

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) powered practice engine delivers the right practice questions to each student based on his/her answers.

In-Person Teaching

Our tutors go through rigorous certification, both on subject matter as well as the Vidyanext methodology.

Customised Assessments

Daily revision and practice examinations that can be created by the tutor, customised to each student’s academic calendar.

Marketing Collateral

Here is a selection of collateral that has been designed for various events, some generic. If you or a tutor needs a particular artwork, please write in to


Brochures created for events and generic ones



Standees used in exhibitions / partner events



A combination of internal and external posters


Center Signage

Signage used at Vidyanext Centers


Newspaper Inserts

Minimise use of these as a means of advertising.



For tutor certification.