Every person, at some point in their lives, wonders if they could be a teacher. Some pursue it while others don’t. Part of this decision is understanding if they have the characteristics to become a teacher.

Let’s look at few things one must consider before becoming a tutor:

1. Love for the subject

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You do not need to have a teaching degree, as long as you enjoy the subject you will choose to teach. Don’t worry if you’re out of touch with it- spending as little as an hour a day can get you to become confident in the basics.

Loving your subject will come into play both in helping students reach their potential and also helping make lessons more interesting.

2. Patience

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Learners have stated that they find teachers with patience the best. A great tutor is very patient with their students and their parents to deal with the same question and problems over and over again. Also, along with patience you will need some listening skills so that you can really understand what your learners are thinking.

3. Persistence

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Tutors absolutely cannot give up. As challenging as the job can be at times, the best tutors know that their diligence and commitment will help children learn and achieve their goals. This quality is even wildly pursued by parents when choosing a tuition teacher for their children.

4. Organizational skills

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Along with these personal qualities, you should be aware that there is plenty of paperwork attached to a tutoring career. To be a tutor, you will have to plan sessions, you will need to record the progress of your learners and you will need to mark and give feedback on work. To make this work you will need some good organisation skills.

What are the qualities you have that will help you as a tutor? Tell us in the comments below.