Are there perfect qualifications to be a tutor? Are you making the right choice? Get to know some of the tutors who have partnered us. They come from different walks of life and have diverse backgrounds.

Anita, age 45 | The Mother

Become a Tutor - Tuitions in Bangalore and Gurgaon

I got married in my early 20s and had children immediately. I have spent my years since then being a typical mother. Motherhood is not an easy job! From the moment you wake up till you sleep, your life revolves around taking care of your children and home. It’s only been recently that I have noticed the dependency waning. They have become big and take care of themselves.

Suddenly I found myself with a lot of free time. It drove me mad. I started thinking about what I liked to do before my time got wrapped around my kids. I remembered I used to be good at studies and I even considered becoming a teacher. But that plan never took off.

My daughter heard me out and told me about Vidyanext and how it was a great way to start up. I thought why not- no harm in trying. It even directs students to me.

I started with 1 student and now I have 5 regulars who come to me every evening. It feels very good to contribute to their life and growth. Being a tutor with Vidyanext has left me fulfilled.

Arjun, age 27 | The Software Engineer

Tutoring Services - CBSE and ICSE Tuitions in Bangalore & Gurgaon

I am a typical south Indian boy. I got good marks and became an engineer. My parents were very happy… but I was not.
Working 9-5 in a big corporate made me very sad. I think it was the routine of tasks. Everyday felt the same.

After couple of years in a rut, I quit my job and decided to be a freelancer. I take on a few projects that take up a few hours of my day. I am happier and have a lot of time for myself. But I also needed to make extra money. Someone suggested I become a tutor. You know, this thought had never ever crossed my mind!

I thought about it for a few days. I remembered how much I loved math and science in school. The concepts came easy for me. Maybe there was no harm trying this out- spreading the same joy I had in school to others.

I started by visiting student homes and tutoring. In time I got more requests and changed the way I operated. Now, I invite students to my home and have specific hours where I tutor them. This has helped me define my schedule better. What I love most about tutoring is that it is not a routine task. Every day is different and I get to be creative while teaching!

Pallavi, age 22 | The Fresher

Tutor Qualifications Required - Maths and Science, CBSE / ICSE Tuitions

After I completed my degree I was confused about my path ahead. At that time my neighbour asked if I could tutor her son. I thought it was a great part time job and would look good on my CV too.

Honestly, I had a great time teaching Rohan. It was so satisfying to see him understand his lessons better and see his scores improve. It didn’t feel like a job, it felt like fun. I remember one day Rohan came back after his science exam wanting to discuss his answers. There was one equation that he realised he did wrong while solving it with me. I’ll never forget his expression. He got so dramatic that it made me laugh. Soon we both were laughing uncontrollably. In the next exam Rohan didn’t make that silly mistake again.

By this time, I knew I was ready to tutor more students. But, I had trouble finding them. I had no clue how to advertise myself. Thankfully I saw some Vidyanext ads on Facebook and decided to give it a shot.

I think that was one of the best decisions I made. Now I get queries by just sitting at home. My tuitions have grown to 3 students in a just few months.

Akshatha, age 35 | The Ex-Teacher

Classroom Teaching - Tuitions in Bangalore and Gurgaon

I was a teacher for 8 years. Then, for some personal reasons, I couldn’t continue with my job. There was not a single day that went by when I didn’t think of my classroom.

Recently I started finding myself with free time, it wasn’t enough to join a school again, but it was enough to handle a few tuition batches.

My husband had heard an ad on the radio about Vidyanext and thought I’d be interested in it. It was perfect timing, really. I quickly registered myself and attended the training program.

Requests kept pouring in. I was talking to lots of parents and almost immediately I had students coming home for tuitions!

I can’t tell you how happy teaching again made me. Giving tuitions has been best thing I’ve done in a long time. Also, the Vidyanext Learning System made the teaching and learning process easier and better!

What background have you come from? Why attracted you to tutoring? Tell us in the comments below