Hello everyone, its Sreelakshmi here reporting the last class of week 1 of the Headstart Program. As always, I hope you’ve caught up with the previous posts from the week.

I can see that students getting more comfortable with the self-study mode. I saw Prem and Abhay studying together, and I let them be especially since Abhay is new to class. Although new, Abhay is quite naughty and a potential distraction to others.

Unusually I saw Nitin and Taun finding the study material useful and they were more involved with their work. If you recall, Nitin and Tarun started out being disinterested and uncommunicative. I even checked their understanding of their topics towards the end of their class and it was good! They had a few doubts which I cleared. As you can imagine, I’m over the moon with this little change.

Rajesh seemed a bit lazy today and kept himself busy with unnecessary work. Prem self-taught himself the chapter ‘Construction’ exceptionally well. I appreciated his progress and he even asked me to assign him homework. I told him to practice more problems at home. Prem wants to continue with the same chapter on Monday. I’ll want him to pick something more challenging like ‘Mensuration’ or ‘Rational Numbers’, but I will let him be till he realises this and wants to discover more.

With the ICSE students, Ashwin and Kiran seem to be in a race to complete the test. Instead of proper answers, Kiran randomly answers questions because Class Dojo allows you to change answers once wrong. This is a bad practice. On the same lines, Varun doesn’t seem very excited to learn the topic, but rather to complete it. I stepped in and gave him some real life problems in the hope to spark an interest in his chosen chapter ‘Ratio and Proportions’. Post this he kept asking me to clear his doubts multiple times. I actually moved away from him, cutting the dependency and so he would refer to the videos and understand the concept himself.

Swapnil was distracting Ashwin and Kiran, so I changed his seat right at the beginning. Swapnil hit a bump with Number Systems with one question. I gave him a few questions to test his level of understanding of the Indian and International system. He solved them right away after I explained the concept.

News week, I might assign a specific set of topics to each student aligning to their caliber and grade.

Learnings: Sometime to solve/understand a current topic, old concepts might have to be revisited. Pay attention if a student is rushing through a chapter or test- it may affect their understanding