About Us

Our Mission

We’re Vidyanext- a company that aims to inspire, empower and support tutors. We want to help tutors teach, learn and grow and provide them with tools to make every student successful.
We do this by:

Ensuring regular training and mentoring by expert educators.

Bringing tutors together as a community to support and encourage each other.

Offering tools that boost productivity and help you teach better.

At Vidyanext, we believe we can make change happen, with the help of exceptional tutors who love to innovate, and make their students successful.

All our offerings are Free! That’s our promise to you.

Pradeep Singh


Pradeep Singh was educated at IIT Delhi, and the Harvard School of Business. He went on to become General Manager at Microsoft and then founded many successful business, such as Aditi Technologies, and more. He is now primarily focused on Vidyanext.

Will Poole


Will Poole graduated from Brown University. Since then he has led several companies on to success, such as Sun Microsystems, Microsoft and more. As the co-founder of Vidyanext, he is committed to making a difference to education.

Kahran Singh


Kahran Singh graduated from Tufts University and has since, worked at Microsoft, Aditi Technologies and more. Now the CEO of Vidyanext, he leads the team, inspiring them to find better solutions for Smart Tuitions in India.

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