How quickly week 3 has come to an end.

Prem, Rajesh and Abhay wrote a test on all the chapters they have studied so far.

Abhay was well behaved today. If you’ve been following the previous blogs you’d know that Abhay can be quite the distraction.

I spent a considerable amount of time helping Nitin with English spelling and reading today. He was catching on very quickly. I realized that he lags behind not because of his intellect but because he has not been paid enough attention in school. Such is the case with many students sadly, given the large classroom size and small teacher to student ratio.

I will continue English skills with Nitin for a few more days until he can pick up the exercise by himself.

The ICSE students requested me to shift the class to a different room. I was impressed that they voiced this. I obliged as it seemed to make a difference to their learning.

I promised the students a reward at the end of the class if they completed studying their topics without distractions.

Sharath and Arvind is perfect students, they are always curious and open to learn.

I had to remind Swapnil about reward time to get him to stick to his books.

Varun was studying well, but a few glitches in the app slowed him down a little.

All the students sat quietly and completed their topics. As promised, I rewarded them with 30 minutes of carom play time at the end of the class.

I have to say that today was a lot better than other days of the week with regards to learning. I wonder if this is because the last two days were cognitively easy with lots of entertainment?

Learnings: Individual student attention can help them speed up in areas they seem to be lacking. Often it’s not their intellect keeping them behind, but rather just that they are stuck and need help to get over the hurdle. Rewards can go a long way when used correctly. The environment students learn in matters greatly. Learning takes place better when there are regular cognitive breaks.