While all schools have subjects like physical training, music and dance as subjects in their school curriculum, not many parents realize how important it is for their children to take these subjects seriously. Often, sport events and other competitions unrelated to books and studies are frowned upon by parents. Research has shown that participating in extra curricular activities can impart many desirable skills in a child. Looking at a healthy balance between these activities and studies is the this link key point one should keep in mind. Parents who are cynical about encouraging their children in sports, drama and similar other activities would be delighted to know that many premier colleges prefer admitting students who have achieved much in extracurricular activities. It shows that a child has some real skills and not just bookish knowledge.

Take a look at some of the definite benefits of taking part in school club programs:

1) Teamwork: Most jobs require you to be adept at handling people and adjusting with them. In big corporates you are supposed to work in teams and if you do not project enough people skills, your work will suffer majorly. Participating in group projects, sports tournaments, choir conditions child at a very young age to be around people and work harmoniously with them.

2) Enhances competitive spirit: Not every child cares about topping in exams but most would care about winning at a particular dance event or marathon. Participating in extracurricular activity channelizes the enthusiasm of children in a positive manner.

3) Time-management skills: After having participated in enough sport tournaments and art competitions, children eventually learn how to manage time and work towards their goals. It also prevents them from sitting idle and instead encourages them to utilize their time well.

4) Shaping a well-rounded, versatile person: The more skills you possess the more attractive your CV looks. Most companies don’t just care about core-technical skills, they need people who possess more than that.

5) An idle-mind is a devils workshop: No one wants to get trapped in a regressive state. And it is better if kids channelize their energy in worthwhile things because let’s face it few kids actually end up studying when their parents force them to sit with their school text books. So they’d rather invest their time and interest in something they love doing than sit with books and do nothing. Parents will never know what their kids are good at or where their real talent lies unless they allow them to explore their potential by encouraging them to participate in a variety of extra curricular activities.