Quizzes are fun and engaging, who does not love taking quizzes.

But can quizzes improve a student’s learning and lead to better academic performance?

I will come to that in a while, but in short, the answer to this is “Yes! it can boost a student’s score dramatically”.

When you talk about the word ‘Test’ what do you think comes to a student’s mind?

  • Pressure?
  • Stress?
  • The need to score high?
  • Life depends on this?

Sadly, test results determine a student’s understanding of the subject and eventually their career path too. However, researches have shown that using tests primarily as a tool to evaluate the depth of a student’s understanding is flawed and short-sighted.

Over five decades of research on ‘Testing Effect’ has evidently shown that frequent non-graded and low stake quizzes are essential to learning and long-term memory, eventually leading to better performances in examinations.

Online quizzes are a great example of gamified learning which integrates the game mechanics into the process of learning. Though the benefits of taking quizzes are multifold, I want to bring out the three most important ones here.

  • Firstly, quizzes are effective in instant feedback, helping students understand weaker areas instantly. Feedback is one of the most important parts of learning to make necessary modifications and improve learning. Quizzes engineer effective learning tasks that elicit evidence of learning.
  • Secondly, online quizzes activate students to be the owner of their own learning journey. Researches have shown that taking online review quizzes help them score 15-25% more in their examinations.
  • Lastly, online quizzes clarify and share the learning intentions, helping define the criteria for success. Quizzes if well designed can help a student focus on learning goals that they might have otherwise overlooked.

So, if you are a parent or a tutor, how can you start engaging your students through quizzes?

  • Use whiteboards and do it in the gameshow: Ask students to write down answers and hold them up for the class to see
  • Use flash cards: Ask questions one- by- one and make it fun and engaging
  • Use Online quiz tools: Look for tools on the internet that you can use for creating your own quizzes, even Google form or Typeform can be of great help.

Bonus Tip: If you are an efficient parent or a tutor

You can use our app QuizNext app to administer quizzes. Perfect for students studying in ICSE and CBSE class 6, 7 and 8.

Our quiz app generates a report on the student’s performance showing concept clarity, understanding and analytical abilities. Further, our personalized learning features intelligently recommend concepts that require revision for students.

More importantly, you aren’t required to perform exhaustive evaluations to understand student’s knowledge acquisition. Studies conducted at Vidyanext ‘Innovation Lab’ have shown that a tutor handling a class of five students, can save an average of 300 minutes every month, by opting for quizzes as part of formative assessment.

What’s more? Our quiz technology includes elements like scores, levels, achievements, immediate feedback loops, time and pressure which makes the learning effective

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It is a culmination of research and learnings over the last 6 years. Watch out this space for more updates.

Keep quizzing, Keep learning!

About the author:

chaiitanyaa Chaiitanyaa Naik
Product Manager, EdTech blogger
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