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spaceVidyanext in Tuitions
"Education comes from within; you get it by struggle and effort and thought."

- Napoleon Hill
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Personalised Tuitions

The Vidyanext model is ideal for tuitions, replacing the traditional classroom style tuitions that are prevalent today.

What is wrong with regular tuitions?

  • Typical tuitions have 30-40 students in a classroom, and teach everyone at the same pace
  • 90% teacher time is spent in lectures, with no time for personal attention
  • 50% students don't benefit from the lectures –those who already learnt it in school don't need lectures again but need practice; those who don't understand, need personal attention but are left behind.

Students are left to practice on their own and therefore memorize to get marks. But without strong
fundamentals they fail in competitive entrance exams.

Why Vidyanext Tuitions?

Vidyanext is a personalised tuitions model that is designed to eliminate these traditional flaws. It's like having a personal tutor!

Each student is taught at an individual pace

  • Stronger students are allowed to progress faster and practice deeper. Those who need more time are allowed to master concepts before moving to the next.
  • Teaching is in sync with what is taught in each student's school

Teachers in the class have the time to spend on personal intervention

  • More one-to-one tutoring time - every doubt cleared the same day
  • Rigorous practice and guidance

1 personal computer per student

  • Rich multimedia study material that bring subjects to life
  • Automatic testing of concepts learnt

Continuous evaluation and parental reporting

  • Daily progress evaluation (classes 90 minutes every day)
  • Individual improvement plan based on progress
What our students say:

* We enjoy learning this way

* We understand concepts and don't have to learn by rote

* We will score our best in our exams

* It gives us a strong foundation for higher classes where we need to prepare for our entrance exams

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